About Us

The Happy Valley & Canal Road District Kai-Fong Welfare Association (HCA) was found in 1951. Embracing the mission of “Supporting the neighborhood”, HCA delivers timely and comprehensive caring services in areas of dental services, educational services and medical services to those in need in the community. HCA was registered as a charitable organization since 10th July, 1958. HCA is committed to provide comprehensive education services for the next generation, a primary school was set up that time in King Kwong Street aimed at providing free education service to hundreds of students.

HCA has been all along upholding its mission “To care for the elderly and nurture youngsters; to foster children with quality education.” A new kindergarten operated by HCA is now opened, The Sprout Creative Kindergarten (TSCK). TSCK is committed to teaching in innovative ways, grasping the golden period of children's enlightenment education, inspiring children's learning potential, cultivating them to become people with different skills such as communication, creativity, negotiation and problem-solving, and laying a solid foundation for preparing the competitiveness in the future world.

Registration Number : 618063