Curriculum Overview

1. Language education

It is important to lay a strong foundation for excellent language skills.

  • Teaching in the mother tongue will help to establish excellent learning abilities among children.
    Young children can listen carefully, focus and remember better.
    They can express and communicate fluently and with confidence.
    They love to read and will read on their own.They love to write, starting with easy words. They will hold their pens, love to write, make word compounds and write sentences.

  • English language activities
    We want to nurture young children's interest in learning English, and become at ease with speaking English. This will lay a good foundation for students to attend primary schools that use both Chinese and English.
     English language activities will start at age 3. We teach children the accurate pronunciation and conversational English through interesting games and activities in English. Using melodious and rhythmic songs, we stimulate children's interest and help them gain confidence in learning English. Armed with a strong foundation, children will love to learn more English in primary school.

  • Exposure to PutonghuaFrom the age 5, our children are exposed to proper Putonghua using the preschool Putonghua materials edited by principal Ching Ping-ren. Preschoolers are encouraged to love listening to and express themselves in proper Putonghua.

2. Build a good foundation of using numbers

Through everyday activities and games, we help preschoolers understand the order of numbers, and the concepts of sorting and quantity. Children play interesting math games, and together with educational tools and real objects, learn to use numbers and develop the ability to solve problems related to numbers.

3. Lay a good foundation in music

Through participating in carefree and joyful music activities, young children become more interested in music. They also develop excellent sentiments and elegant temperaments.

In our schools, we use the music materials written by Dr. Luk. Through fun and carefree music activities, we cultivate the music potential in children and help them develop a deep love for music, singing as well as a rich musical sense.

4. Nurture children's interest in art and unleash their creativity

Through exposure to art and making artwork, young children learn to appreciate art and beauty. They also develop their creativity. While helping children to observe and appreciate nature as well as great artworks, teachers could encourage children to express themselves boldly using color pencils, different colors and various media like paper, play dough and eco-friendly materials. In the process, children will create lovely handiwork.

5. Building up a fine physique

Young children will develop a strong physique through healthy physical activities. They learn to be agile, well-balanced and develop a beautiful posture. When accompanied by music and rhythms, such physical activities can nurture creativity, producing various body movements.