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Welcome to the TSCK family

Giving children the most innovative learning in the age of enlightenment

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TSCK occupies a total of 3 floors of the building, including an indoor playground of over 1,000 square feet, our child-centered and inspiring environment aimed at cultivate proactive learner through various types of learning experience and exploration.

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Language education, build a good foundation of using numbers, lay a good foundation in music, nurture children's interest in art and unleash their creativity, building up a fine physique.


Application for the TSCK will be available starting Sunday, 1 August 2021.


Our Philosophy

HCA has been all along upholding its mission “To care for the elderly and nurture youngsters; to foster children with quality education.” A new kindergarten operated by HCA is now opened, The Sprout Creative Kindergarten (TSCK). TSCK is committed to teaching in innovative ways, grasping the golden period of children's enlightenment education, inspiring children's learning potential, cultivating them to become people with different skills such as communication, creativity, negotiation and problem-solving, and laying a solid foundation for preparing the competitiveness in the future world.